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         AsparagusFarmPlus.com is located in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. Under the “World’s Healthiest Foods” at www.whfoods.com the nutrients in asparagus are charted, the health benefits for the cardiovascular system are evident, its a natural diuretic, helps to keep a healthy intestinal tract and has folate benefits.

         Asparagus direct from the farm and in season maximizes all of the beneficial nutrients found within it. We harvest our asparagus and process it in the quickest time possible – which is most important.

         The Asparagus farm has fig trees for sale, acclimated, and will produce fruits when properly cared for in the direction provided, also various herbs and other fruit trees and vegetables in the near future.

         Pedrosa’s Asparagus Farm is located at 1550 Robson Lane, Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada, V0R 1N1 (DIRECTIONS).

         For special orders, please leave a message on the phone. Phone for the opening days.

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